The American Academy of Metaphysical Science

The American Academy of Metaphysical Science is a dynamic entity whose main purpose is to present a scientific interpretation of God and man through the use of 21st century terminology and logic.

The Union of Science and Religion

Over the past several centuries, scientific thought has been developed and applied to nearly every facet of human endeavor, yet traditional theological presentations of God, man and matter have remained essentially unchanged in the face of this progress.

While major religious institutions ignored or opposed new ways of thinking, the spiritual possibilities of scientific discovery did not go completely unrecognized. Perhaps the first to uncover the potential of applying scientific thought to the religious experience was Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered and founded Christian Science in 1866.

A Modern Approach to Christianity

Our Academy seeks to present the Science of Christianity, and to explore the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy. Our main focus is to engage and experience scientific thinking and Being from the standpoint of Truth.

With the knowledge that all things real are indigenous to the Mind that is infinite, the Academy introduces concepts that transcend the limitations of the material senses and explore the freedom and beauty of spiritual Reality. This is the Science of Infinity.